CT Ship Designer

Project Notes

In Beta

This app enables you to design Classic Traveller Book 2 and Book 5 ships. If you register as a user, you will also be able to save those designs and print out pdfs.

There shouldn't be any bugs, but if you find one please report it. It's better to be told twice than not at all.

[COTI moniker: Matt123]

look and feel

The current style is intended to evoke a shipyard with battleship greys and rare use of color. I'm an engineer, not a graphic designer or artist and engineers like greys...

Thanks for the help!

BillDowns, COTI
Tod13, COTI
jklost, COTI


The app is written in Ruby on Rails with the front end in html, scss and jquery. The database is Postgres and the app is hosted on a free Heroku account (free Heroku accounts 'sleep' when not in use, which is why there may be a 20 second delay when you first "wake up" the app).

The browser has been developed on Chrome and tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also seems to work on my partners mobile phone, not great but useable.

The project has been ongoing for many years, including implementing private versions in Perl, Javascript and several spreadsheets. This version was started in early December 2014 as both an exercise in Ruby programming and an opportunity to scratch the ship builder itch. The first Alpha was released to a handfull of people in Feb 2015, The first public Beta release in March 2015.

rules interpretations

Sometimes what I thought were 'obvious' rules have proved not so obvious to others. Let me know if you find instances of this. CT errata endeavours to provide definitive answers. If it is new, Don (CT Errata author) generally prefers to discuss interpretation differences on COTI to get a range of views and then determine a ruling. Don does this as a volunteer in cooperation with Marc Miller. Kudos to both of them.

Known interpretations which might be debated on COTI